Slot Overview of the Fire Hopper

Push Gaming’s Fire Hopper is a slot machine set in a pond, so you may relax with an army of frogs. Since Fire Hopper is a very volatile grid slot from one of the genre’s masters, the descriptor “tranquil” is subjective at best. However, during the game’s default mode, players may experience a sense of calm and even sleepiness. However, the release of jumping wild symbols, immediate rewards, and progressive multipliers upon activating free spins may quickly raise the stakes and get the blood pumping.

Let’s start with the calm aspect. A cluster-paying grid slot, Fire Hopper is played on a 7×7 gaming grid suspended over a placid pond. There is not a whole lot to see here. While listening to the birds, you can see pebbles, lily pads, and grass floating around the edges of the screen. It’s true that Fire Hopper is a tranquil experience, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s easy. However, some waiting may be necessary for it to wound back around.

In Fire Hopper, regular wins occur when at least 5 matching symbols fall near to one other in either the horizontal or vertical directions, and bets range from 10 p/c to £/€100 every spin. When you get a win, the cascade mechanism kicks in and all the symbols disappear from the panel, making room for new ones. It’s possible to have a victory cascade when you keep winning until no new clusters emerge. Despite appearances, a very unpredictable mathematical process is at work here, with a return to player value of 96.3% when all settings are maximized.

The normal paying symbols and their values are listed first in the paytable. There are six different pay symbols that resemble various colors of lotus blossoms. Clusters of 20+ symbols are the most valuable, paying off between 25x and 200x your wager. Features are coming next.

Slot Functions for the Fire Hopper

When it comes to specs, Fire Hopper sounds like Jammin’ Jars. The first thing you need to know is that there are two types of wild symbols: the Wild Gold Frog Symbol and the Frog Symbol. Both can be used in place of any other icon, save from the Firefly and Bonus Firefly, respectively. The multiplier for the Frog Symbol begins at x1 and increases from there.

Function Like a Leaping Frog

If a Frog Symbol is present alongside one or more Firefly Symbols, the function will activate. The frog hops to the firefly, replacing itself with a golden version of itself. After a successful leap, the Frog’s multiplier value goes up by 1. In the event that both a Frog and an Instant Prize Symbol are in view, the Frog will immediately jump upon the Prize, replacing it with a Gold Frog. A payout of up to 1,000 times the initial wager is awarded if this is achieved. Instantaneous rewards are amplified by the Frog.

Open Play

The Bonus Firefly is the last sign. If this occurs at the same moment as a Frog Symbol, the frog will leap upon it, activating 7 more free spins. In this way, the current Frog multiplier from the main game is carried over into the bonus round. The Frog Symbol will stick around for the whole round of free games. In addition to the aforementioned rise in the Frog’s multiplier, any newly generated Gold Frogs will also have the same multiplier. Between free games, Gold Frogs vanish from the board, unlike their green counterparts. The fact that the frog’s color shifts as its multiplier goes up is a nice touch.

Incentives to Purchase

When the hidden star icon is clicked, an additional purchase menu appears. The return to player (RTP) for the round grows from 96.30% to 96.38% if you purchase free spins at a cost of 124x your basic wager.

Judgment on the Slotted Fire Hopper

We weren’t immediately giddy about playing Fire Hopper, but it really picked up steam later in the session. The game is endearing, but it paled in contrast to other graphic treats, such as Fat Drac. Although appearances aren’t crucial, they do matter a little bit, and Fire Hopper’s lackluster presentation and muted soundtrack didn’t exactly set the world on fire. It was difficult to tell the symbols apart, and progress in the main game was slow and not particularly fruitful. The game’s description promises a relaxing atmosphere, and Push delivers (maybe too well, at points). The company may have overdone the minimalist aesthetic, at least in the main game.

Once the game’s features and bonus game kicked in, though, Fire Hopper entered a whole new gear. The game receives a shot of energy from the game’s upbeat soundtrack, and the game’s multipliers get to show off. The value of a winning cluster can be greatly increased by having many wild multipliers available at once, much like Jammin’ Jars. The Gold Frog symbol may generate a large number of multipliers because to the fact that its multiplier remains active during the free spins bonus round. The Frog is also useful for increasing chances of winning Instant Prizes. If you can get the lily pads to erupt, you can win as much as 50,000 times your wager.

Push Gaming is known for its jumping wild multipliers, and the company has done an excellent job of improving this effect for Fire Hopper. Fire Hopper has its own watery niche, yet it shares some DNA with the effortlessly entertaining Fat Rabbit/Jammin’ Jars. Due in part to the fact that Push Gaming helped revolutionize the grid slot experience, players have high hopes whenever the developer returns to the subgenre. Fire Hopper, however, does much to restore Push’s reputation, since it provides enjoyable, reliable, and explosive grid slot gameplay throughout the bonus round whenever those frogs feel like it.






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