Overview of Eagle Wealth (the Red Tiger)

Is there truly a place in the world for another American Wilderness? With their newest game, Eagle Riches, Red Tiger Studios is betting on the positive. It’s time for players to lace up their hiking boots and head out into the desert and scrub once more. The vastness of these views evokes the unknown, the naturalism of the Native Americans, the majesty of the open countryside, and the sound of the wind in the canyons. The beautiful landscape is undeniable, but for Eagle Riches to truly stand out, it will need something extraordinary.

Give credit where credit is due. Visually, Red Tiger has done an excellent job for their debut in this region. The desert scene in the background adds atmosphere, and the symbols are well-defined and legible. Since the introduction of these types of slot machines, visual quality has progressed dramatically. Five low and five high pay symbols make up the total of 10 in the base game. The lowercase 9 through A symbols are rendered in a Wild West font and have the appearance of tarnished bronze, silver, and gold. All of the high-paying icons are photos of various classic animals. In order, we have the cougar, the ram, the wolf, the bison, and the eagle. The eagle, as can be guessed, has the highest payout (20 times the original wager for 5 of a type). In reality, you may win with just two eagles on a payline, whereas you’ll need at least three of any other symbol to cash in.

The 5×4 grid contains 40 paylines in total. Bets can be placed between 10 pence and $100 dollars or euros per spin. They’ll get medium-to-high volatility and a return on investment (RTP) of 95.68% for their trouble. The game’s supplementary content is almost as sparse as the backdrop image. The base game spins can become monotonous, but the appearance of a feature will shake things up.

Eagle Fortune (Red Tigress): Extras

Since there aren’t many options to go over here (not even a wild symbol), we’ll go quickly. The use of eagles is the focus of two available add-on features. The Eagles Shadow feature is the first, and it appears at random throughout both regular and bonus game spins. Without notice, an eagle will fly over the grid. Wherever its shadow falls, lower-paying symbols are transformed into a single, high-paying symbol.

The second feature is the Eagle Spins. Free games are activated when three Eagle Spin symbols appear anywhere on reels 1, 3, and 5. The odds of activating Eagle Shadow improve while Eagle Spins are active, which is good news if you plan on getting somewhere. In the initial round of testing, we hit three scatters in the first ten spins, which is guaranteed to please anyone watching. After 7 fruitless free spins without a single hit, the radiance began to fade. Then, out of nowhere, the Eagle Shadow activated twice in a row, saving the game from turning into a massive letdown by dishing out some excellent reward. I only bring it up to emphasize how quickly your luck can change for better or worse on Eagle Riches.

Conclusion: Eagle Fortune (Red Tiger)

The initial load of the game brings back quick recollections of the previous fifty wilderness slots. That can make it tough to form a neutral opinion, but let’s give it a shot anyhow. The game’s visuals are decent, and as we’ve already discussed, we’ve come a long way since the days of Eagle Bucks, American Eagle, and similar games. There’s nothing particularly novel about the central idea, but that’s not a dealbreaker. The presentation of this game is quite well done.

Eagle Riches loses points due to a lack of creativity, despite the fact that it is visually appealing. Those who enjoy this genre of game, however, may see that as a positive because they will know exactly what to expect. However, the game’s attractiveness may have been increased with only a touch more originality and perhaps one or two extra features. That being said, Eagle Riches’s current features are solid. The appearance of the Eagle Shadow has the potential to significantly improve a spin and increase winnings. It appears more frequently in the free-spins bonus round, increasing its appeal.

Since there isn’t much going on in the base game, the free spins are essential to making any progress in Eagle Riches. If you get Eagle Spins and Eagle Shadows, the maximum payout is 2,412 times your wager. That may not be enough to entice gamers to stick with the very dull and feature-less main game.

Two decent features aren’t enough to make Eagle Riches a must-try for gamers who aren’t particularly interested in the great outdoors. That advise more or less applies to the whole slot – only committed cowboys actually need apply. If that sounds like you, simply sit back and enjoy. If you don’t, there aren’t many incentives to add Eagle Riches to your rotation of slot machines.






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