Exclusive Boom Pirates Slot Launch

Another great slots game has been brought to the table by Microgaming, this time in collaboration with a third-party developer known as Foxium. The most recent product of the partnership is a work that every adventurer would find to be a dream come true, as it relates the tale of a band of pirates that had seawater and salt in their blood. But don’t let that discourage you, because Boom Pirates is about a lot more than just another adventure at sea. It is a celebration of a journey that has been coming for quite some time, and it is the united effort of two iGaming brands that always give the best of the best when it comes to entertainment that involves real money. It’s pure Microgaming magic, and for the next five weeks only, the brand-new slot will be offered exclusively at certain casinos, before it goes live all over the internet.

Slot fans will have the opportunity to play this game early and find out everything that it has to offer, including its 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 paylines. They may even be able to take advantage of special bonuses that are only available to them. The level of excitement is almost beyond comprehension at this point, but very soon, all will be revealed regarding what is actually required to sail all seven seas.


A Pirate Adventure

A preview video for the new Boom Pirates slot game was provided by Foxium a few months ago, and players’ anticipation for the game was sufficiently piqued as a result of watching it. The slot was introduced in the promotional video, which also contained brilliantly drawn graphics, outstanding animations, and high-quality audio. It told the tale of a pirate ship that was populated with scallywags who were out to find treasure while sailing the seven seas. During their journey, the motley crew came across an island, and immediately after seeing it, they loaded their cannons and grabbed their cutlasses.


The teaser film introduced us to an eyepatch-wearing pirate who was stationed in the crow’s nest and a fiery red-headed lady who appeared to be in command of the situation. The ever-present parrot and bottles of rum were also seen, and we can be certain that these, together with the characters revealed in the teaser and the cannons, will all play a main part on the reels of the game. In addition, the cannons played a prominent role in the teaser.


Spinning Unbelievable Tales

To this day, Foxium has participated in the development of a variety of unique slot machine releases. But what was it about the developer’s work that caught the attention of a gambling giant like Microgaming? Surprisingly enough, being able to tell a tale is the single most important factor. After all, life is nothing but a collection of stories. And Foxium, on the other hand, is all about delivering the story in a manner that is original to itself. The games produced by Foxium all adhere to a narrative that has been carefully crafted and meticulously laid out, and this narrative is presented in a manner that is not only unique but also highly enjoyable. The promotional video for Boom Pirates provided a crystal clear illustration of this story-telling potential and brought attention to the fact that this new release is so much more than your typical run-of-the-mill video slot.


The method that Foxium takes is all about combining a simple concept with the most advanced knowledge that exists in the field of slot machine creation in order to provide the kinds of results that finally prove to be completely unavoidable for players. It is precisely because of this expertise that they have been able to form a collaboration with Microgaming, which is rapidly establishing them as a formidable competitor in the online gaming business.


Catch Boom Pirates on your mobile device or online, and make sure you don’t miss out on the introductory promotional time that is only available at the best rated casinos.






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